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An Interesting Epidemiological Study, Me as Venture Capitalist, and other drivel

Posted Dec 01 2009 9:59pm
Okay, adoring fans (snort). It is I.
We've had an interesting couple of weeks, mostly from a disease infestation perspective. A couple of Thursdays ago, I started feeling puny at work in the wee hours of the morning - and thinking it was some bad lasagna I'd gotten compliments of nutrition services there. Roiling guts became cramping and then puking - not so fun whilst working in the less-than-predictable environs of an emergency room. Colleagues shot me up with zofran and covered the last two hours of my shift so I could go home and puke in the relative comfort of my own bathroom when the zofran failed to provide adequate anti-emetic coverage. Miserable? Yep. And then, the diarrhea kicked in - I mean the explosive, without warning kind - and damn was I glad I wasn't at work when that started! At any rate, called in the next day as well, and the evening after that I had occasion to conclude that it hadn't been bad lasagna at all, but a spread-like-wildfire viral gastroenteritis. The next night was Hayley's turn, then the next night, Gabe, then the night after that Maddie and the following morning Kyle. Steph and Scott brought up the rear, and it was kind of interesting to see how the crud decreased in intensity with each one of us that caught it. Steph and Scott didn't even end up puking at all, just felt horrible. It was kind of awful, it took me about 4 days to even get back to where I wanted to eat or drink anything - and cumulatively, we missed 2.2 shifts of work, 6 days of school (Kyle 2, everybody else 1) and a whole lotta meals. Pre-Thanksgiving crash diet plan, I guess.

Anyhow. We're all feeling much better now, happily.

Which brings me to the Venture Capitalist part. (Quit laughing out there.) Hayley needed to run to Michael's the other night to get a couple of things to make masks for her big Madrigal Choir Dinner Show this coming Friday, so Maddie wanted to go along. In searching for feathers, we came across the jewelry making aisle, and both of them said how much fun it would be to make earrings. I said sure, told them about a couple of friends who do the same, including the previously mentioned Amy of Amy's Pish Posh, as well as a former nurse colleague, and casually mentioned that they could probably pull ten bucks a pair. "Really? You mean we could make our own money?" (Music to Mommy's ears.) So I made a deal with them: I'll foot the startup capital and act as business advisor (they insist I'm an assistant) and they'll pay me back in earrings and keep their grades up. And you know what??

They came up with a business name: CiaoBella Designs. They put together a rough business plan, with a little bit of prodding. And they've made some kick-ass earrings, already. Seriously. I'm in the process of building them a blog (CiaoBella Designs,) we've got an Etsy storefront up and running, and they'll be listing some earrings on ebay and Craigslist within a day or two.
Some examples of their wares:

Go ahead, click onto their Etsy store if you want a pair for yourself - or shoot them an e-mail at ciaobelladesigns09 AT gmail DOT com and let them know what you want. We'll see how this business project goes for them.

It's December already, which I can't freaking believe - put some lights on the front of the house today, and hope to get the tree up by Monday or so. And goddammit, I'm gonna send out Christmas cards this year. With a family picture. (and probably also a version of the much-expected poem-letter) It's become a quest. We've got a good-lookin' tribe, and I want to show them off a bit.

Okay - my duties as Business Advisor beckon. And oh yeah, those of mom, wife, chauffeur, maid, cook, and so forth...
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