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A Question About Twins

Posted Oct 12 2009 10:01pm

So, today my mom asks me how exactly do twins happen? She had an idea, but a conversation with a friend left her pretty confused.

The explanation started off on a good foot Identical twins are fertilized by 1 egg and 1 sperm but them breaks into 2 embryos. Fraternal twins are 2 separate eggs and 2 sperm that are both fertilized at the same time. But then my mom asked me about what would happen if two sperm fertilized 1 egg, and then I had to think. I don't think I have ever thought about that, but putting my medical knowledge into work i told her that, maybe there is a possibility that it would happen because when the first sperm attached, it would already be fertilized thus, no other attachment of sperm would occur, or would actually do anything to change the structure?

So, I told my mom that I would investigate that. So onto google I went, and when I found some information on BBC Health* I was pretty proud of myself, because I wasn't far from the fact. This type of conception is called Semi Identical twins. Only 1% of this type of conception actually occurs, the others don't survive.

*This is the article I found from BBC Health which explains the information.
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