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A Blogger's Point of View

Posted Nov 05 2009 10:01pm

Well, if you haven’t already noticed, I’ve been doing some fall time rearranging. I am obsessed with moving things around in my house. And, apparently, this blog isn’t immune to my madness. There is nothing like moving your couch to a different wall… and putting the television in a different corner. Unfortunately for me, with boys… and a sweet perfect little angelical daughter (snark), when I pulled out the couch yesterday I found an entire jumbo sized box of rainbow nerds candy coating my hardwood floor. It looked like an army of a gazillion Nerds armed and ready for attack. My boyfriend (Oreck) retaliated and took care of “the little problems.”

Julie is a sweet online mama who designed my original Taking Heart layout. Though I was still in love with the graphics kit that she used… I was even more in love with her new style of blog designs. She has a very sleek, clean, and organized look. I was pleased to work with her again, and we were able to take what I loved about my old blog design and create it into something new and improved. What I enjoyed most about working with her is the fact that Julie is friendly, approachable, creative, and fast. Please check her out, and by all means consider her if you are contemplating a redesign.

I did receive word from the Queen a few days ago… and she labeled me a “mommy blogger.” Though I do love a good mommy blog from time to time, I never thought of myself and my blog in that fashion... or any fashion at all for that matter. I do like to write about my kids from time to time... but also a big fan of pop culture and snarky medical blogs (it is difficult to work in the medical field and not be sarcastic with a sick sense of humor.) I mostly love to read blogs where the author writes from the heart and can tell their story in a fashion that keeps me coming back. This can be hard to do when there are literally millions of blogs to choose from... something for everyone I guess.

I personally think I am all over the place with my own blog… I may write about something deep, or about my faith… and then throw a curve ball and write about mucus plugs or Jon Gosselin. The Next Food Network Star judge panel is always asking the contestants, “what is your culinary point of view?" With blogging, many have their own “blogging point of view." I can’t say that I have one. I like it that way… what you read is what you get. I have a blog of many labels. And I am a mommy.... he he. This has been a great outlet for me during many “taking heart” moments in the past few years…. Thanks for coming along for the ride.

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