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41 DAYS (and finally... FINALLY... giving up cake... (well maybe)

Posted Apr 09 2009 7:02pm

So I've been working out for 41 days. I include the week and a half I took off with food poisoning because I lost 13 pounds and having food poisoning and recovering from it is a workout in itself.

So why have I not seen any results on the scale? I gained back half of that 13 pounds... and have stayed somewhat steady with my weight. Usually when I diet... seriously diet... I lose a lot fast, then it tapers to 2-3 pounds a week give or take.

My medical peers say: Muscle weight.

Blah Blah Blah. They are probably right... I'm sure they are right. I know they are right. However...

But I have this HANG UP. With. The. Scale. I need to see the numbers. My clothes need to start getting too big.

I do feel better. My knees feel stronger. My skin looks better. My muscles (when you push under the flab) are getting firm. My mind is more focused and clear.

I noticed that the first two weeks at the gym were awful. Skinny people were everywhere. Runners were jogging, and lifters were lifting. I was the fat girl amidst the sea of skinnies. Now... I don't feel I fit in, I just don't look at them anymore. I am over the "OMG... I'm gonna DIE" and have worked myself up to 33 minutes on the elliptical and a full circuit of weight lifting.

I haven't worked too hard on my diet until as of late... because somewhere in my twisted brain I told myself it was okay to eat birthday cake because "I work out." Not to mention... cake has magical powers and momentarily has this amazing ability to make the world a better place... you know. You do know, don't you?

So today... I'm giving up cake. And all members of the cake family (within reason, of course... whatever the reason may be at the time.)

Say a prayer for me...

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