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Motivated by the lack of information about Black Women's Fitness issues, I am creating a Community for Black Women to voice their concerns and discuss issues related to physical health. I will share information about my experience. We all know that the Black Women's experience has its... Full Bio
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Day 5 of the No Junk Food Challenge: How to Manage Your Cravings

The holiday season can be very stressful, which makes it more tempting to reach for that slice of cake or go for those cookies. But if you've made...

Day 4 of the No Junk Food Challenge: Staying Strong During the Holiday Party Season!

Source: The 4th rule of the No Junk Food Challenge says no cookies or biscuits. Yikes! With the dozens of holiday...

Day 3: No Junk Food Challenge & The Secret Sabatoge of Candy

Most of you are going strong with the No Junk Food Challenge! We're on Day 3 and I want to help us get through one of the most tricky parts of...

Day 2: No Junk Food Challenge

If you like us on Facebook , you know about the No Junk Food Challenge we've started yesterday! As we work through the 21 days of no junk food, we...

Spice Up Your Workout

Hey Goddesses! You may have noticed we haven't posted in awhile. We've both been busy with work, school, and of course, our workouts. You're...

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