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Lake City, Florida
A Family Nurse Practitioner working in a Rural Health Office in Florida. Wife and mother of four,... Full Bio
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Who Pays When Medical Providers Step Outside Of The Box Of Medicine?

15% off green scrubs with code "green_sale" Below is part of a recent post that I found on Kevin MD and written by Dr. Kelly over at Mothers...

Professional Boundaries Between Patients and NPs

15% off men’s scrubs with code "mens_save" Being a professional health care provider comes with many pros and cons. The Pros include the...

Is a Career in Nursing the Right Choice for You?

Are you looking for a new career? Thinking about getting your nursing degree but you aren’t sure if it’s right for you? Let’s be clear up front:...

Nurse Practitioners In Rural Health

I work in a rural health care setting as a Family Nurse Practitioner and I love my job. No, I don’t make as much money as a specialty NP, but I...

Nurse Practitioner Says, ” Please Stop Spamming My Site!”

Good Lord! Will you all please stop wasting your time by posting these jibberish posts with links to online pharmacies or porn sites on...

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