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One piece of dark chocolate

Posted by Dave K.

I've decided to have one small piece of dark chocolate after dinner to satisfy my sweets craving and that's it. I actually found a Charles Chocolate single serving piece of chocolate at the market near my house for $0.50, so I'm going to walk over after dinner and buy it, one at a time. Probably the walk will burn most of it off, and I still get to satisfy my sweet tooth.
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LOL, I love the idea of walking it off while going to get it.

I, too, have found that if I have a small piece of dark chocolate - good quality stuff, so I don't feel I'm fobbing myself off - then mostly my cravings are satisfied. If I am going to have it, I take it to work in my lunch box, and eat it after lunch or in the afternoon. That way, because I only hve the one (5g) piece with me, I can't decided to have another.

exactly! it's SO much easier to avoid sweets when they're not staring you in the face...
That is a great idea! Thanks!
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