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This blog embodies the power of yoga as chronicle of my journey of personal wellness using yoga as the core of my new way of life. It has helped me tremendously. It is also a way for me to share knowledge and educate others about how best to incorporate yoga into their own lives and then... Full Bio
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Its thanks-giving today and I am thankful for my life experiences, my children, my health, my friends and family. Every step I take into the next...

Passion Makes Perfect

While my yoga practice might be waning recently, my blogging nearly extinct, my passion for life isn't and I have been redirecting a lot of it to...

The might me..

As we get older and 'wiser' notice how we inflate both in body and mind! To keep the body deflated we are told exercise and eat less. Do we? And...

Silence all the noise...but the music!

The last few weeks have been extremely noisy... I have had no break, not a moment, as my mind has been running faster than my body.. Two dear...

Jump start my yoga practice with Neeta Dutta's workshop

Sometimes when a car has not been driven (or battery continually charged with a drip, as I do to my two seater) the battery goes cold. My yoga...
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Apr 02 2013 by Tomahawk
Downward facing dog pose - An ode to Koko! I loved this story...   Keep Smiling

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