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Nov 19 2009 by xtrmcat
I just did a Vitamin C flush, do you think I flushed out good bacteria?
Oct 31 2009 by rick s.
Do you have knlwledge of treating anxiety and stress?
Aug 18 2009 by rexertea
There's something more with the use of marajuana. It decreases your memory. long and consistent use does have a very bad affect on the memory. people tend to forget fast.
Jun 21 2009 by Doyle

When my daughter was diagnosed with preeclampsia, fortunately the Physician was open to Low Pressure CPAP in addition to her treatments to lower my daughter’s blood pressure. As a sleep technologist in is joyful to see treatment for sleep disorders is being embraced.

Feb 07 2009 by Tarrador
Hello nirmala.  Your articles are very on target for me and I really connect with the subjects you are writing about.  I will follow your posts with interest.
Jan 22 2009 by RAAGA

hello nirmala.N.

nice to meet u. me raaga from malaysia. hope u dont mind be friend with me. !

all da best. anyway, u speak tamil?




Nov 25 2008 by yusuf

hi nirmala i come across your profile maybe you would like to let me know some of your lterary work.


Oct 31 2008 by lakshmishegar2

Hi Nirmala,

what you have suggested is correct. I would also suggest him to take up meditation because i have benefited from it i am able to manage my stress and anxiety levels to a great extent. Moreover meditation helps in living a focused and peaceful life.




Sep 23 2008 by Teri Robert
I disagree about stress as a Migraine trigger. Even the International Headache Society has removed stress from their list of triggers and put it on a list of exacerbating factors that make us more susceptible to our triggers. I have yet to meet a person who didn't find that it is NOT stress that's their trigger, but what they DO or do not do during stessful times that are the triggers. During times of stress, people skip meals, don't drink enough and get dehydrated, don't sleep well, cry, etc. THESE are the triggers.
Jul 20 2008 by Tony B.

Great to meet you....

Tony Beach