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Nikki F.

San Mateo, California
Hi! I'm a recent college grad and have just moved back north (SF area) from LA. I'm an active, not-quite-coordinated one who enjoys food and fun. I like to work out and try to eat as healthfully as possible. I'm a vegetarian. I do sports that aren't too seriously competitive (since I'm generally not very good at them). Snowboarding is fabulous. I run.
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Dec 12 2010 by Manoj K.

hi Nikki


I am fm Kerala, India, may mail id "", i can sugest you good Indian Vegetarin dishes. Also abt "Ayurvedha"



May 10 2010 by buga
hi i m from india.
Sep 04 2009 by Abi

Hi Nikki,

Be my Friend

Feb 21 2009 by jass
 hi i m new .. consider my friends request
Aug 24 2008 by Niell A.
Hi, Im new here and I have sent and invitation to you to be my friend I hope its ok. Thanks.
Jul 20 2008 by Tony B.

Great to meet you....

Tony Beach

Dec 12 2007 by Dmitriy P.
You can do it! you can do it nikki!! (hmmm... that was funnier in my head...)
Dec 12 2007 by Kristina M.
You inspire me! with each and every waking moment. creepy??