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One Year Quit - The First Anniversary

Sunday 21st February 2010 marked the end of my first year as a non-smoker, I am officially (according to life insurance companies) a non-smoker!!!...

Quit Smoking for the New Year

It is that time of year again when most of us make a New Years Resolution to improve our lives in some way or another. Most of us will fail and go...

Quitting Not Giving Up

At work the other day I was asked by a colleague if I was still "off the fags". I happily replied yes, in fact it has been over 8 months since I...

Using Nicotine Gum as an aid to Quitting Smoking

Addiction to nicotine is one of the hardest things to kick, that you will ever come across if you just try to go cold turkey. Many studies have...

6 Months Quit Smoking and Beyond

I've had a really busy Summer and missed my 6 month quit update, with holidays, my birthday and getting sick with 'flu I have just not found the...

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