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Heart Disease Prevention - How Is Parenting Style Linked To Child Obesity?

Among many others, unhealthy diet with plenty of saturated fat and lack of physical activities are always being accused as the main culprits that...

Lower Number Of Heart Disease And Stroke Linked To Diabetes

Diabetes is disease in which a person’s blood sugar level is higher than normal. In general, there are 2 main types of diabetes, namely Type-1 and...

Heart Disease Prevention - Is Coconut A Healthy Food?

It seems that coconut is a food that should be avoided. But lately, people are pouring coconut into coffee and spreading it on toast, lured by...

Understanding Relation Between Disease and Salt Intake

Human body needs salt (contains approximately 40 percent of sodium) to perform a variety of essential functions. Sodium helps maintain the fluid...

Heart Disease Prevention - Are Americans Fat Because of Cheap Food?

Why are Americans so fat? Is it because of the sedentary lifestyle, expensive healthy food, or is it because of socioeconomic status, race or...

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