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San Antonio, Texas
My blog chronicles my journey from a standard American diet to a high raw diet. My family eats cooked foods so I have to find a way to make both our diets work.
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I've Moved

My new blog is located at Please join me there!

A good Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving turned out so much better than I thought. I had so much fun spending time and sharing meals with family and friends. My husband did...

I'm thankful for my family...but a little nervous for dinner tomorrow

My Dad is visiting for the Thanksgiving Holiday and we have been having a fantastic time. I have been preparing all the delicious salads and green...

Feeling foggy today

I feel like hell today! Yesterday I felt so great all day, I was so happy and I ate my usual raw meals all day. Then in the evening my son told...

Reflecting on my juice feast.

Well I haven't posted in a while, I've been trying to process all that I went through with the juice feast. I had a lot of trouble drinking the...
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