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Neva H.

Bryant, Alabama
My passion is wellness so I was happy to find out about I love the cheerful and light design of the site and look forward to networking and sharing here. My wellness portal at is designed to provide holistic health and energy medicine answers for healing. I post lengthier articles there while posting many quicker answers on my blog.
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Sep 21 2012 by Neva H.
My world will change tomorrow.  What it will change into, I have no clue.  No direction, 24 hours before a direction must be taken.  This walking on faith thing is a little dicey sometimes.
May 31 2010 by Neva H.
Lordie, just was reminded of this goal too. I have not been doing this. Dance, Neva, dance.
May 31 2010 by Neva H.
Just read my own post!  Ha.  Love it when my own words come back to give me a swift adjustment in the behind.  The post was about simplifying our lives in the wake of the global transformation some call the fast flowing river.  Life was getting complicated again.  Thanks, me, for the reminder.
Feb 01 2010 by Neva H.

I've been snowed in for days. There is something gloriously sweet about the calm, stillness after a deep snow though.  I've stood outside just listen to the sound of almost nothing. Snow's sliding off the slanted roof in huge chunks now. be able to get out and get vittles (that's food for in southern talk) tomorrow.

Jun 20 2008 by Neva H.
So....I've been on vacation and then incredibly busy with some major restructuring of my online websites.  Haven't been posting at wellsphere lately but wanted to pop in and see what's new.  Also accepted a friend invitation from Brent in Atlanta.  Cool person.