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I am a practicing neurologist in Florida who blogs items I have read or studied recently for my own later use.  The public is free to read the blog  if it benefits them.  I post sporadically to six blogs, covering general neurology, dementia, behavioral neurology, stroke, multiple... Full Bio
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from: Daniel Jacobs

Hi! How are you?     Have you seen this  ? It was shown on the Oprah's show!           Best...

From: Daniel Jacobs

Hi! How are you?  Have you seen this  before?  Oprah had been using it for over a...

Alz biomarkers in normal pressure hydrocephalus

Graff-Radford NR.  Alzheimer CSF biomarkers may be misleading in normal-pressure hydrocephalus.  Neurology 2014; 83:1573-1575. Preshunt...

ADAS cog flawed

PLYMOUTH, United Kingdom -- December 19, 2012 -- New research suggests that the cognitive test used in Alzheimer's disease (AD) drug...
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Apr 21 2009 by Rhonda G.
I am trying every treatment I can to rid myself of the pain in my lower back,  hip and groin.  I have been to the Orthopaedic, they diagnosed me with degenerative L-5 disc (was severely bulging).  After physical therapy didn't resolve the hip problem i was sent for an MRI of the lower back.  Neurologist reports no significant finding.  Saw a different neurologist who sent me for an MRI of the Thorassic area.  Family doctor sent me to see another orthopedic doctor.  In turn he sent me for an emg which indicated the beginnings of carpel tunnel.  I would not return to him, as I told him, my concerns are with the lower back pain.  Starting seeing a chiropractor.  All he does is move the pain around from my back to my hip, to my groin and now the pain in my legs and feet are so bad that the medication (7.5 percocet 4x daily, parafon forte, and chlonazepam do not help at all)  Also, I am now wearing an herbal patch over my l-5 and part of my si that was recommeneded to me by the chiropractor.  Is there a pain medication strong enough to stop my pain, but allow me to work at my job?

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