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Moving Home

Hi Readers, Its becoming a little difficult to maintain two blogs now that I am running so short on time, so I have decided to merge them. This...

USMLE Scores to Your Medical School

ECFMG TO PROVIDE USMLE PERFORMANCE DATA TO INTERNATIONAL MEDICAL SCHOOLS ECFMG may provide international medical schools with data on the...

US Ends HIV Travel Ban

The US has ended a ban on the travel of HIV Positive individuals from other countries to the US. In a step that, in one stroke, has made me a huge...

Rebel Against Libel!

I wrote previously how the GMC has shuttered doctors against responding against unwarranted criticism by malicious patients. I have always been a...

Complete Feedback for NBME Forms

The National Board of Medical Examiners(r) (NBME) offers web-based self-assessments to help medical students and graduates evaluate their readiness...

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