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My greatest benefit for anyone interested in losing weight is that at 5'9" and age 28, I weighed 360 lbs! By the time I was 30 though, I weighed 200 lbs. I didn't do any crash diets or insane P90X kind of deals. Just walking/jogging and being on an exercise bike. If you are very much over... Full Bio
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Winter Running Tips for getting through a Polar Vortex!

So it's been a few months and here we are at the start of a new year.  Time to restart up this blog and give another update.  Over the past few...

Running Running Running, 150 mile goal almost there!

Hello all, on my old computer I have all of my old stats from my old Garmin 405 watch that shows how many miles I used to run.  When I was at the...

Philips Actionfit SHQ4000/28 ...

Philips Actionfit SHQ4000/28 Neckband review Well it's time for another classic review.  This time it is for the Philips...

Another day, another run!

This month has been a great "Taking stock of my running" month.  Two years ago, as this blog will show you, I sprained my ankle and fell off the...

"The Golden Week" (Remember Whens-Day)

It's time for everyone's favorite day of the week, and that is remember Whens-day.  A time when we look back at the life and times of me so...

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If you want to know more about me check out my blog about losing weight, general nerdyness, and running :).

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