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NEdream26 .. Doctor of Pharmacy

Boston, Massachusetts
I graduated in May '08 with my Doctor of Pharmacy; recently passed my boards!! My life might never be the same after a closed head injury in November 2007. But I want to help other people who might never be the person they were after experiencing a concussion or mTBI of their own. This is a... Full Bio
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Last night I met a man who graciously let me have a piece of pizza when I was super sick from overstimulation.  Correction... three pieces of...

New Phone

I just got a new phone. One that is capable of helping me out daily with more than just a calendar! I'm talking about list keeping, notes,...

Eating Well to Be Well

I was stumbling along on Shine via this morning while waiting to see if my migraine would settle or erupt. Thought this was a pretty...


Things I would like to know: 1) Is there an easier way to blog? 2) What easy tips do you have? ...

I just... ugh

I feel incredibly stagnant. I have felt like I just need a door to open somewhere. Somewhere, just a crack, I’ll kick it all the way open...

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