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Ned Wicker

San Francisco, California
Ned has a varied background which includes: -Radio Show Host, - Sports Journalist, - Magazine Owner/Editor, - Navy sailor, - Christian Pastor - Chaplain specializing in Addiction Recovery Through these experiences Ned as gained a unique insight into the human... Full Bio
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Parents Need to Take a Second Look

Not every thing that glitters is gold, and not everything sold over the counter, supposedly harmless and perfectly legal, is a good idea for your...

Even the Rich and Famous

There is a stigma attached to drug addiction that other diseases do not have. If a person is diagnosed with cancer, receives treatment and becomes...

Just Dumb Parents

I was enjoying some light-hearted conversation with a high school teacher recently, when suddenly the conversation took a major turn. He began to...

Marijuana Isn't a Soft Drug

Over the years there has been the on going debate over whether or not marijuana is really a dangerous drug. I suppose it comes down to your own,...

Drugs and the military

There are always certain images that come to mind when I recall the Vietnam War and my part in it serving in the U.S. Navy. The 1971 song by The...
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