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Welcome to the Neck Pain Support Blog ! I will give you tips about how to deal effectively with... Full Bio
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Aug 07 2010 by Stone
Hi Nav! my name is Stone.
Jun 17 2010 by Bunyana
Hi Nav my name is Ana, your articel very important for me. I hope you give license to copy it for my tesis. Thank you before

Feb 18 2010 by mogroovee
Go Nav! I tell my clients all the time that 15 min. here and there adds up big time. Plus consistency keeps you focused on being healthy all the time. Great goal. I will be posting up some good stuff next week. I have not used the blog or goal features yet but excited about getting started.
Feb 08 2010 by oceansky

Hi Nav,

Thank-you for adding me as a friend.

Have a great week.

Jan 02 2010 by Nav J.
Eating on a smaller plate definitely helps....
Dec 19 2009 by Nav J.

Edgar and Emma, I am so happy that you found relief using the cervical linear traction neck pillow.

Thank you and Happy Holidays!- NJ

Nov 17 2009 by edgar
My wife suffers from degeneration of the C 5,6,& 7 dics and was in constant pain.One night she gasped and said "I rather die than have such pain".The Cervical Linear Traction pillow is a miracle cure.It took just 30 minutes for the pain to dissipate.My wife asked me to post this as a token of her appreciation for the product and the relief it brought. We are forever indebted to Arc4life. Edgar & Emma Soares - Margao - Goa - India. 0091-9922288898.