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Welcome to the Neck Pain Support Blog ! I will give you tips about how to deal effectively with... Full Bio
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one reason for back pain in kids is because of the backpacks that kids are carrying to... more
Sep 13 2010 10:29am
Megan, you mentioned that you have 6 concerts next week. Repetitive use your wrists... more
Aug 17 2010 1:35pm
Dear HappyGappy, I am sorry to hear about the lower back pain you are suffering with. It... more
Aug 12 2010 11:06am
Most likely you have a strain in the neck and/or shoulder.  Most likely more so in the... more
Aug 11 2010 3:16pm
Have you had any injuries to the neck or shoulder area such as a motor vehicle... more
Aug 07 2010 6:03am
Jun 10 2007 7:11pm
Thank you for sharing your lower back exercises. It is important to strengthen, as this... more
Aug 05 2010 5:45pm
Yes, unfortunately whiplash can cause pain and headaches. A sudden trauma such as... more
Aug 04 2010 11:21am
Jun 25 2010 12:51am
Typically the lower nerves of the neck control the hands and arms.  C5 is most likely... more
Jul 20 2010 4:42am
Yes, typically most chest innervation comes from nerves in the mid and upper back. ... more
Jul 20 2010 4:31am
Have you had previous injury to your ankles or foot? Also, it is possible that  you have... more
Jul 18 2010 1:06pm