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Health Maven's Answer
Inflammation typically will accompany an injury like a disc issue.  I find that ice... more
Oct 18 2010 11:59am
Recovering from a back injury can take time. You have to be proactive and keep at it. It... more
Oct 10 2010 7:36am
Sep 13 2010 5:47am
Have you had a lumber MRI taken? If nerves are affected in the lower back- you can have... more
Oct 09 2010 12:03pm
Do determine if it is a "pinched nerve" one would have to have an MRI of area. Also... more
Oct 07 2010 7:05am
One thing you may want to try is sitting on a donut type pillow. The  Ring shape... more
Oct 06 2010 9:55am
Hi Glenda, When you say "Siliac Sack"- are you meaning to say the Sacro-Iliac... more
Oct 01 2010 6:57am
Quick answer: Yes.  These kinds of sensations are controled by our nerves.  Alot of... more
Sep 20 2010 11:53am
Yes,  You may want to talk to an attorney if it wasn't your fault.  Actually either way,... more
Sep 19 2010 6:33am
It sounds like the problem could be coming from the neck.  Muscle strains or neck... more
Sep 19 2010 6:25am
Hi connie, my suggestion is to try chiropractic - it will help with your neck range of... more
Sep 14 2010 6:08am