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Health Maven's Answer
Dear Karen,  There are lots of things that you can do at home naturally for neck... more
Mar 05 2009 11:35pm
Although you can have relief from chronic pain through medications- what is the toll... more
Mar 05 2009 11:44pm
You may have pulled the lateral calf muscle.  Try gently stretching the calf. To hit... more
Mar 05 2009 11:46pm
When you fell on your back, you may have whiplashed your neck, creating soreness.... more
Mar 05 2009 11:59pm
Dear Monty, Has anyone taken an xray of your low back or ordered a lumbar mri.  It... more
Mar 07 2009 10:41am
Do you have pain when you cough or sneeze? if this pain continues see you Dr- he or she... more
Mar 08 2009 3:53am
Have you had a cervical mri taken; it sounds like you may have some type of  disc issue... more
Mar 08 2009 3:58am
For me, exercise is the best form of stress relief- simple things like walking,... more
Mar 08 2009 4:02am
Another remedy for headaches is to concentrate on the upper neck muscles such as the... more
Mar 08 2009 4:11am
Sep 09 2008 7:01pm
You mentioned: moderate foramanal stenosis c 5/c6 - have you considered looking into a... more
Mar 08 2009 4:15am