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Health Maven's Answer
Feb 04 2013 4:35pm
The key is to take away nerve pressure.  If the cervical spine () is misaligned there... more
Jun 22 2013 11:26pm
Ryann, have you done a course of neck traction for this during physical therapy. It... more
Apr 21 2013 8:55pm
I would recommend that you do neck traction and use a special contoured pillow at... more
Apr 18 2013 7:29pm
Hi Barb, it is also a good idea to get your spine checked for alignment in the... more
Jan 18 2013 9:38pm
Typically the lump many refer to is where your7th cervical vertebrae sticks out.  It... more
Jan 12 2013 3:47pm
May 22 2012 3:15am
Treatment for a bulging disk could include traction, decompression therapy, physcial... more
Nov 19 2012 9:11pm
Here are a few things that you can do to get rid of muscle spasms in the neck and... more
Nov 03 2012 3:48pm
There are alot of great posture and natural relief products out there.  Sometimes... more
Oct 25 2012 8:59pm
There are natural remedies out there for both neck and low back pain. Here are some... more
Oct 21 2012 7:49pm
A herniated or bulging disc in the neck or the low back can cause numbness and... more
Oct 20 2012 6:40pm