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Welcome to the ! I will give you tips about how to deal effectively with your neck pain.... Full Bio
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Which to use for my pain? Heat or Ice

Here is dilemma that many patients face on a daily basis? I am having pain in my hip from arthritis. Which is better? Heat or ice? I bumped...

Cancer Fighting Foods- which foods to choose while at the grocery store?

Recently one of my family members was diagnosed with cancer- breast cancer. It appears that this has been really making the news too.  My...

Looking for an oversize moist heat pack?

I recently had a patient request a large heating pack. She needed it for her back because she suffered from arthritis for a number of years. She...

I have a herniated disk, what are the symptoms associated with this?

The symptoms of a disk herniation can go far beyond just pain. Either in the neck or the lower back. Symptoms can include numbness and tingling, a...

Keep Your Neck Muscles Loose and Limber

Neck Pain and Stiffness can result sometimes after just plopping yourself into bed. It can be because of your actual sleeping position (for...

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Aug 07 2010 by Stone
Hi Nav! my name is Stone.
Jun 17 2010 by Bunyana
Hi Nav my name is Ana, your articel very important for me. I hope you give license to copy it for my tesis. Thank you before

Feb 18 2010 by mogroovee
Go Nav! I tell my clients all the time that 15 min. here and there adds up big time. Plus consistency keeps you focused on being healthy all the time. Great goal. I will be posting up some good stuff next week. I have not used the blog or goal features yet but excited about getting started.