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Hi there!   I'm Tom Corson-Knowles, a health and wellness coaching specializing in helping people lose weight naturally through a balanced diet. 
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Overcoming Emotional Eating; Why We Are Compelled to Eat Unhealthy Foods (And How to Stop It Once and For All!)

Many people believe they don’t have the willpower to eat healthy foods. Millions of Americans try unsuccessfully to diet 4-5 times each year....

This Little Book from a Beverly Hills Psychiatrist Changed My Life. You Won’t Believe These Incredible Stories of Really C

I’ll be the first to admit that I never thought I’d read a book called Astral Psychiatry . Heck, I don’t even know what Astral Pschiatry...

The 11 Things You Must Know Before You Ever Step Foot On An Airplane Again

Travel is hard on your body. Especially airplane travel – where you’re bombarded by radiation, out of touch with the natural magnetic fields...

Juicing for Athletes Author Brian Pace Shares Juice Recipes for Endurance

This post is an excerpt from Juicing for Athletes by Brian Pace. Improving your endurance in competition by juicing will not...

Do You Know a Picky Eater?

It is hard to get many children to try a new fruit or vegetable.  I met one grandma who told me she was particularly concerned that one of her...
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