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10 Ways to Inject Fun Into a Run

New runners struggle. Veterans get into slumps. We all know them—those times when running becomes more like work than fun. And, most of the time...

The Mile High Club: Running at Altitude

Are you a member of the Mile High Club? No, not the one that involves airplanes and sardine can acrobatics. I’m talking about running at...

Do you Marathon?

There is no doubt that out of all the road running distances available, the marathon has by far the most appeal. Nearly everyone who has run a...

How To Breathe When Running

How to breath properly while running’ is one of the most searched for topics here at Complete Running. This article contains tips and video to...

Rib Pain

Most runners, at some point in time, have had some sort of injury to the ribcage. Usually this limits our ability to take those nice deep...

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