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This is my Russian Kettlebell Blog and is a fitness blog. It is updated daily. Learn how to lose weight, build muscle and get in great shape. I am a kettlebell enthusiast and publisher of so I am always searching new and great ideas on kettlebell and fitness training.
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The Goal Snowball, by Alwyn Cosgrove

Here is an upper body workout I did today focusing on the military press, following  template. I really suck at over-head pressing so the...

Squats and Hill Sprints

Today was a week 4, month 2 of program. If you haven't checked out Wendler's book yet, I highly recommend it. 5/3/1 is simple, fun and...

Workout of the Day - Hill Sprints

Let's face it, your shoulder take a beating. From slouching at your computer, to slouching in your car, to spending more time working the...

Mike Robertson, StreamFit

Month three of Program is well under way and I am still having a great time. I love knowing exactly what I have to do and not...

Jim Wendler's 5/3/1

Sometimes people ask me how they can stay motivated to exercise regularly. I have trouble understanding this question as training is...
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Aug 07 2008 by Nathan D.

Aug 7 went to the park and did a bunch of pull-ups and dips, then ran some sprints. Felt great!

Apr 13 2008 by Nathan D.
Hey all, I am into lifting heavy stuff and swing kettlebells around. I write a blog called If you want me to promote something of yours or have questions and stuff just ask!
Apr 11 2008 by Stark C.
Howdy, I've been checking out your Blog for the last week or so. I really enjoy the varied KB routines you've come up with. I'm pretty novice with them so your site has been a nice source of information. Keep up your good work.

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