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Saratoga Springs, Utah
From the time I was properly diagnosed with late-stage Lyme, I have had a new lease on I have been given another chance...a second life.  Living is very valuable to me, and I try to take advantage of each moment, and know that there is a reason for each moment. I'm feeling a... Full Bio
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Jan 30 2013 by NatashaCall
Changed some stuff in my profile.  
Mar 14 2012 by preciousbaby5


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Jan 02 2012 by NatashaCall

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Aug 24 2009 by NatashaCall
Hi everyone.  Just wondering if anyone knows how to be sure that my blog posts that are coming to Wellsphere are coming from the correct feed address.  I appreciate any and all advice:)
Aug 21 2009 by Marjorie Tietjen
Hi Natasha.....I haven't done this "friend" thing yet but I think I see that it means when I log into my wellsphere that I will see the posts from those who are my friends? I agree with what you say about prayer and to some extent creating our reality. Nice to meet you!
Aug 21 2009 by NatashaCall
It's interesting that we all have varied views on what reality is or is not.  We can choose to be happy no matter what is going on around us.  I am thrilled to be blogging about this at as a companion to my evolving website at  I want to shout from the rooftops that it IS possible for everyone to choose to be happy and really BE happy.
Aug 26 2008 by NatashaCall
Please view my blog for my posts located at