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Arnold, Maryland
I am the type of person who is easily amused and appreciates the little things in life. I have too many interests and not enough time to become an expert in all of them. I love to work hard, play hard, laugh hard and I would be nowhere without the best family and friends in the world. In addition to my day job owning my own PR/marketing business (which is often also a nights and weekends job), I am a runner. I love sailing, kayaking, cooking, gardening, writing poetry, reading, dancing,... Full Bio
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Are there any good stretches for the knees? Any thoughts on what contributes to post-run knee pain... by NatalieFriton 1 Comment Posted in: Questions & Answers in Running I'm pretty cognizant of my form while running but I know that I'm not nearly as consistent as I'd like to be. I feel as though I have a pretty straight gait and that I'm not ... Read on »