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Mar 11 2009 by joania

Hi Natacha,


So sorry it has taken this long for me to respond.  Thanks for the support and for sure we can support each other..I don't usually check here often.  I blog on blogspot (

Jan 08 2009 by AnnieH
Keep up the good work!
Dec 02 2008 by Lori K.
How's everything going?
Nov 18 2008 by Ellen J.

Thank you for responding to my board.  I appreciate your words of encouragement.

Oct 30 2008 by mr.
so hows is everything going??
Oct 25 2008 by mr.
you ca win, i know you can .   :)
Oct 24 2008 by Chef Jeff R.

thx! it goes to show that anyone can do it if I can!



Oct 24 2008 by Chef Jeff R.

Hi Natacha!

Thanks for joining the No Donut Zone team!

If we stick together, we can beat these fatty baddies AND acheive our health and fitness goals. I know, I have lost 90 lbs in the past 2 years just by getting active and cutting down on portion sizes.

 Please let me know if I can help u in any way!!!

Good Luck with your goals!


Chef Jeff

Oct 21 2008 by mr.
you can do it , dont give up !! :)
Oct 19 2008 by Todd S.

Hey Natasha!  Thanks for the cool note and the update on yourself too.  I've become a firm believer in the only way to make this permanant is to change our lifestyles.  Don't diet for the sake of dieting this time, but make it your goal to change how you live and eat.  I don't care what diet you follow, if you don't make the permanent changes you will continue on the see saw of weight gain and loss.  I have now changed my attitude about eating and excercise and it's working well. 

Find yourself a diet (fasting is fine to kick start things but not permanent weight loss) that you can "live with" everyday and set smaller weight loss goals like one pound a week as I did.  You'll find yourself changing how you think as well as how you look and that's important for the long term success!  Keep me posted on your progress too!