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I'm here to spread my knowledge of health and fitness to all. I am a down-to-earth, fun, Personal Trainer with over 9 years experience. I want to give you realistic, achievable ways to stay healthy and happy. Stop by for the motivation you need to change. I hope I can inspire YOU to live each and... Full Bio
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The Low Fat Food Conundrum

We've been told to avoid fat and consume low fat foods to shift extra kilos for a very long time but what if it's all a bit of con? Noooo, it...

The Best Superfoods For Spring

Today's post is care of my sparkly, healthy friend Sally, from The Fit Foodie , she's got the low down on the best Superfoods for...

My Latest Obsession: Waldorf Salad

How do you exactly become addicted to salad? Well it kind of starts off normally, you try it, you think "yeah baby, that's good". Then you...

(wo)Man's Best Friend

Exercising with your pooch is about more than just taking him or her out to have a whizz. We don’t  have to see dog walking as...

Keep It Simple, Sweetcheeks! #nofchallenge By Nat Carter

What are we going to be doing? Well, you'll leave that up to me. I'll give you a new prompt each day to focus and learn from. This is...

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