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My Blog " Naiya's Recipes" is the right place for all kind of Indian food Information which provides all basic recipes by specific category, region and also by ingredients . Naiya's Recipes also provides Special galleries like Health Recipe, Low calorie Recipes, Bachelor Recipes, Greens and veggies apart from all Desserts and snacks,Deals and curries and also Breakfast information and also cooking tips, recipes tips for Healthy nutrition and cooking methods. Naiya's... Full Bio
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California 35758
I'm Caitlyn...Sister, daughter, runner, baker, cook, health-fanatic, explorer.  I'm a lover of the outdoors, good food, reading, running, and sunny weather.  I love to spend time with my family, baking in the kitchen, relaxing with a good book, making people smile!!  I am determined to life a healthful, purposeful, and enjoyable life.


Northwest Washington, California
Wife, mamamia, home chef and exercise fanatic! I love getting creative in the kitchen and my efforts (and blog) are all in the hopes of inspiring someone to get in the kitchen and try something new!