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Denver, Colorado
I am just a woman learning to "Live with MS." Some days I am an expert and other days I just practice :)
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Still flying

I rarely do any writing these days. I am very busy teaching and performing and I only have one day off a week if I am lucky. When that day...


Embrace the sunshine when the sun shines. I am still not ready to write something of or about Cara but I feel a pull to write, to just let words...

What comes after

My close friend and acro yoga partner died in a car crash on Friday. Since then I have been thinking to write something but then I find either I...

Decision reached for now

As I sat worrying the other night about what to do with my Copaxone situation, it occured to me that if the choice had involved my...

Please advise

Fellow MSers, I really need some good advice right now from some people like myself who understand... I went to get my Copaxone today on my health...

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