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How to Transform Your Beauty Routine from Winter to Spring

Your winter beauty routine is really all about survival: keeping yourself covered, protected, and hydrated while battling harsh elements,...

Newlyweds: Episode 3 (My Favorite Earplugs and 40 Chews)

If you watched last night’s episode, you saw another reason why I’m a giant weirdo (we like to call it “quirky” ’round these parts),...

Newlyweds: Episode 2 & Honeymoon Photos

Erik and I have very different travel styles. He’s all about lists, plans, and itineraries, and I like to go with the flow. He wants to wake up...

Shake It Off: Live Tweeting With Internet Haters

I’ve spent the majority of my post-college life on the internet. I’ve made a career of being somewhat in the public eye, baring my soul, and...

Watch Erik and Me on the Steve Harvey Show!

Remember how Erik and I went to Chicago two weeks ago? I can finally reveal the real reason for the trip: we were flown out as guests on the...
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Dec 22 2009 by rohit d.
I am having one line in my upper lip ,can u please tell me solution for that .

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