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Nadeen Agou Ali Othman

Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Am iraqi , from Kurdistan of iraq and i was born in baghdad ..  i study medicine (MBBS) .. in U.A.E. , University Of Sharjah and am a first year year medical student since our first year was foundation year. i like to study , to achieve my goals in life but beside i love to be happy and hangout with family and friends ... so i love to live  want to know MORE !! .. JUST ASK ME ;) 
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Kathleen D.

San Francisco, California
I live in the San Francisco Bay Area, which is rich in so many areas - its environment, culture, the arts, culinary delights, and, of course, anything technological. I'm an interface designer, who like so many here, spends more hours in the rays of a computer screen than in the rays of the sun. Though, no complaints about digging into projects , pushing pixels, and surfing virtually. However, I...