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I am a 30 yr women who really needs to lose some weight so that my husband and I can try and have a new baby(o: so I need all the motivation I can get bcz I am a true victim of sweets lol I appreciate any ideas,comments, and support you al can give to me
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Jul 24 2010 by Kristin B.
Hang in there girl.  I have ALWAYS hated the quote "Nothing tastes as good as thing feels".  In some situations it is true.  Maybe you need to try a different yogurt.  I have a SERIOUS addicition to sugar and what I have found is that my body actually does better when I indulge in yogurt that DOES NOT have the artifical sweetner.  I eat the Dannon Vanilla Natural Yogurt and it really helps.  Something to think about....keep me posted
Jul 18 2010 by Kristin B.
Hello!  How have the first few days been on your new journey?