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Myrna M. Doctor of Veterinary Medicine

Charlestown, New Hampshire
I am a veterinary ethologist and author interested in the interaction of health, behavior, and the... Full Bio
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Episode 324 – Naturephilic and Naturephobic Dogs

In Aesop’s fable The City Mouse and the Country Mouse  the two animals discover that they lack the temperaments and skills to enjoy each other’s...

Episode 323 – Frica, Ollie, and the Mysterious Intruder

It was a dark and stormy morning and I suspect that those who live alone, and especially women who live alone, will appreciate my dilemma. Not...

Episode 322 – The Clever Lens Effect

Where does your mind go when you’re taking videos of your animal? Are you in the moment or is your mind off somewhere? The few times I’ve...

Working versus Working and Working Dogs

Last month’s commentary considered working versus working and working cats. Now it’s time to ponder the multiple forms working dogs also may...

Episode 321 – It Ain’t Necessarily So

I’ll admit upfront that like many clinicians I play both sides of the research/experience fence. Which side I play when depends on the...

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