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Myrna M. Doctor of Veterinary Medicine

Charlestown, New Hampshire
I am a veterinary ethologist and author interested in the interaction of health, behavior, and the... Full Bio
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Banishing Cabin Fever

It’s late February as I write this and I’m having a major attack of cabin fever. It began this morning when I turned on my computer, saw the...

Episode 336 – It’s All About Energy

We’ve all heard that a look is worth a thousand words but a lot of other human and animal behaviors may be too. This podcast begins an...

Episode 335 – Behavioral Back-Engineering

This week’s podcast explores the mental process necessary to uncover the whys underlying an animal behavioral problem. Sometimes it’s a matter...

Episode 334 – Rituals, Teaching, and Learning

This week’s podcast explores what happens when human-animal sparks fly in the little house on the hill and what that reveals about interspecies...

Episode 333 – The Skinny on Fat-Talk

This week’s podcast delves into the challenges facing the messenger delivering and the recipient accepting the message that a beloved dog or cat...

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