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I'm a mental health blogger from the UK in my late twenties and a sufferer of bipolar disorder,... Full Bio
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Northern Ireland, United Kingdom
20-something female from Northern Ireland, living with complex post-traumatic stress disorder and borderline personality disorder with psychotic and dissociative features, bipolar disorder type II, major clinical depression and social anxiety. Basically mad?! Currently taking 600mg Quetiapine (Seroquel) and 225mg Venlafaxine (Effexor) daily, as well as use of Diazepam (Valium) and...


California 20150
Sharing 31 yrs of Bipolar experience mostly medication free: info, tips, links, resources & inspiration. Currently I'm depression free after a classic 6 week delusional mania that along with improved insight, may have rebalanced a trauma conditioned nervous system? Who Knows?


monticello, Kentucky
married, mother of two, suffer from bi-polar disorder, ptsd, borderline personality disorder, severe anxiety, meds- topomax, efexxor, xanax, lamactical. been diagnosised for over 5 yrs. unable to work because of illnesses. Worked 25 yrs before diagnosis.Have tried lithium [went from 106 to 140 lbs in 4 wks] respideral, ambilfy, serequel, almost every medication out there. Nothing rids me of...


Who am I? Ainâ??t that the question! To most people I am a strong entrepreneur who has lived all over the world doing business with some of the largest organizations. Someone you can count on to just be there for you any time of day or night. But in fact, I am a vulnerable person. I am very fragile and my bipolar condition often sits in the driver seat of my life. In fact, you as readers...
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David Stein

Struggling with the Elephant in the Room is an intense and emotional journey through what it is like to suffer from Manic-Depressive Illness. Each post provides the reader with a window into the author's mind; sometimes it's short informative posts, while others are long, intertwining pieces that combine non-fiction with stream of consciousness writing. The ultimate goal of the blog is to...