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I'm a mental health blogger from the UK in my late twenties and a sufferer of bipolar disorder,... Full Bio
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Health Maven's Answer
Hi Kevin, I have taken haldol in the past and had a horrible time whilst taking it... more
May 23 2011 4:49pm
Hi Noreen, You should come off Lamotrigine slowly and under the supervision of your... more
May 23 2011 4:43pm
Hi Meeshka, Yes the green pill with GG 44 imprint is amitriptyline and is a 25mg... more
May 23 2011 4:31pm
Hi Beth, You really shouldn't take a higher dose than normal of your medication... more
May 23 2011 4:26pm
Hi Steve, I have been on citalopram for around 5 years now and have not had a... more
May 23 2011 4:22pm
Sorry - the link didn't come up - this is the page information which explains things... more
May 23 2011 4:14pm
Hi Allconfused, I too have deep rooted depression and I believe this means that the... more
May 23 2011 4:02pm
Hi Pato, Is your daughter just pulling her hair over to her mouth and... more
May 12 2011 1:32pm
Hi Jen, I know it's been a while since you posted your question and I hope you have... more
May 12 2011 1:22pm
Hi Buster, There has been a small study (I believe it was of 6 people) who had... more
May 12 2011 1:18pm