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Myah is a university student from New Brunswick, Canada, and the mother of baby Faith Hope. Faith was diagnosed with anencephaly, a condition deemed "incompatible with life," when Myah was 19 weeks pregnant. Myah's unconditional love for her child, together with her faith in God, carried... Full Bio
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Happy 3rd birthday, Faithy!

This morning I woke up and the first thought that came into my mind was how thankful I am for you and that Jesus is taking care of you. On days...

Go with Jesus

I consider myself blessed, that my daughter's last moments on earth were spent in my arms. No one but God was with us. My parents were outside...

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Oct 06 2009 by Louise B
Just read your blog.  Beautiful, there aren't other words to describe it.  She's a very sweet little baby who was completely surrounded by your love, she'll take that with her & know how precious she was. Having them with us for a short time was worth the heartache, rather than not having had them at all.  I will think of Faith & you too, & the pure love you shared with her.  Sending you hugs ((( ))) I'll be thinking of Faith.  Louise.  xx

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