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This Borders On The Absurd

Gov. Dannel P. Malloy signed legislation Tuesday that mandates nursing home staffs receive training...

Shutdown scuttles inspections of hospitals, nursing homes

The federal government shutdown hasn’t derailed the nation’s new health-insurance program. But it has suspended...

Elder Abuse By Guardianship Is Rampant In The U.S.

  By  Jack Halpern , CEO,  My Elder Advocate It is an often occurrence, that My Elder Advocate is called in...

The Joy of Old Age. (No Kidding.) By Oliver Sacks

LAST night I dreamed about mercury — huge, shining globules of quicksilver rising and falling. Mercury is...
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Dec 25 2009 by paita
our ma has dementia,good days bad days,but recentlly we were at a very supposedly great hospital in madison wisconsin,a university one, care there was god aweful,bed sores,popped her very fragile hip out during a lower  g.i.,i could go on and on,but we discovered  many others there that had no-one to speak up for them,it was heartbreaken,this hospital willl leave them to die in there beds like they tried w/our ma,how do we stop such practices???  ,mary   wille

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