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Multiple Sclerosis (MS) Community - General Discussions

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Secondary progressive MS & Friendship Support Hi everyone out there in cyberspace! I am a caregiver to a dear friend who has been battling MS ...
Sep 02 2010 7:48am
Hi Bobbysgirl - Are you still out there? We never continued with our conversations... more
Nov 04 2014 7:19pm
Giving Up Soda The Saga of Me and my Diet Coke Posted Aug 12 09 10:35pm  Having read in s ...
Aug 18 2009 10:21am
I've never read about the negative aspects of Aspertame on MS (great, something ELSE to... more
Oct 19 2010 11:04am MS-Meeting the   This is just a short summary of my story with MS and the bon ...
Jul 20 2009 8:57pm
My story with MS an a bone marrow stem cells... On the road to a bone marrow stem cell transplant in 2006     I was Dx in 2000 ...
Mar 23 2009 2:59am
Well thank you for such kind words!  I know I was on the same floor that I did my... more
Sep 08 2009 9:32am
New Treatment for Multiple Sclerosis Living with the everyday strain of a difficult health condition or disease can be overwhelming but ...
Mar 04 2009 4:02am
MS and SSD Okay people ask all the time if I am on disability. I'm not, because I am not in a wheelchair or usi ...
Feb 20 2009 6:04am
I have RRMS & sounds like your everyday symptoms are the same or close to mine.  I was... more
Jul 11 2012 2:42pm