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Multiple Sclerosis (MS) Community - Articles

More Adventures by rwboughton Patient Expert I've said it before and I'll say it again. Walking to the nearby store always comes with an adventure of some sort, whether that involves chatting with a new friend, seein ... Read on »
Propaganda by rwboughton Patient Expert More and more often, we see common people expressing uncommonly vicious opinions, inspired by what they see, very much in passing, on the social networks. By “common”, I ... Read on »
A Stem Cell Scam Unravels… by Wheelchair Kamikaze Patient Expert As many MS patients are aware, stem cells represent one of the great hopes for vanquishing multiple sclerosis by way of their tantalizing potential for repairing damag ... Read on »
Reset by rwboughton Patient Expert It seems that for years I have constantly had to press the reset button, return to what is really only history, restore the original, unalterable visage of ruin. One falls a ... Read on »
Happy Birthday Mom! by Mark ..                              SWEETS For The SWEET! Read on »
Men at Work by rwboughton Patient Expert They're always building things here in south Bali. Erecting, improving, modernizing - joining the 21st century. I appreciate that. But the thing is, all these projects, wher ... Read on »
A Call to the Cosmic Complaint Department… by Wheelchair Kamikaze Patient Expert Hello…? Mr. Universe…? Mrs. Universe…? Sir…? Ma’am…? Anybody…? Well, if you’re listening, I think there’s been a terrible mistake. You see, ... Read on »
Ill by rwboughton Patient Expert Well, truly, I had intended to post more here during the holiday season, but, as I turned out, I was sick or the holiday season, and I'm still sick. Coughing, sore throat, e ... Read on »