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Multiple Sclerosis (MS) Community - Articles

We Don't Fall Down Because of Your Support by Joan .. Patient Expert Wheeler's Wobblers MS Walk Team report from the MS Walk Wilmington, 12 April 2014: The weather was beautiful for a stroll along the Wilmington Riverfront, and there were ... Read on »
11 Years Gimpy and the Lessons Learned, Part Two by Wheelchair Kamikaze Patient Expert Caduceus Symbol - Medical Symbol MD (Photo credit: wcm1111 ) Last month I “celebrated” the 11th anniversary of my MS diagnosis with part one of Lessons Learn ... Read on »
Making the most out of two minutes. by stephen harris Patient Expert I mentioned a while back that I was planning to write about mediation. Meditation is a very powerful tool that is often shrouded in mystery. It has a reputation for being ... Read on »
Dr. Wahls, you blow my mind! by stephen harris Patient Expert In 2003, I was given a diagnosis of multiple sclerosis. At that time, and ever since then, everyone I’ve talked to and everything I’ve read online and in books told me tha ... Read on »
On the Road Again by rwboughton Patient Expert Just read an article in the Jakarta Post this morning about the ideological gobbledygook behind the 'apocalyptic war' in Syria. Seems it all has to do with a great final bat ... Read on »
Nyepi by rwboughton Patient Expert Another Nyepi Day in Bali - my fifth, by my reckoning. The day of silence and reflection. Not my favorite, at all, although it seems that I'm getting used to it by the progr ... Read on »
God’s Gift by Erika L Facebook About 6 months ago, I took the plunge and opted out of taking Valium for muscle spasms and spasticity. Instead, I drove down to some cheesy strip mall in Tujunga and met w ... Read on »
Getting a License by rwboughton Patient Expert Finally, this morning, I got my driver's license renewed. This is easier said than done, here in Bali. Especially for a foreigner. Firstly, you must know someone, either an ... Read on »
Bits and Pieces: Can’t Please Everyone Edition (Also, MS and: Statin Drugs, Ancient Viruses,... by Wheelchair Kamikaze Patient Expert For those readers who receive Wheelchair Kamikaze via email, this post contains videos that can only be viewed on the blog website ( click here ). In my meanderings ... Read on »
Shame by rwboughton Patient Expert Two things in today's Jakarta Post that newspaper that make me want to beat someone with the same. The first is the banning of the movie, Noah (along with the likely banning ... Read on »