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You Can Contribute to the Guidelines for Stem Cell Research

Posted May 18 2009 2:11pm

Despite having an un-curable and disabling disease, embryonic stem cell research continues to be a hot topic within my extended family. That’s why I’m sharing this information (provided by the National M.S. Society).  You can make your voice heard about guidelines for stem cell research! The NMSS provided suggested verbiage for your comments, but I’ve removed their text.  I think your comments should be authentically yours. 


Before federal funding for embryonic stem cell research can move forward under President Obama’s Executive Order, the National Institutes of Health must develop guidelines. Now is the time to show your support for advancing stem cell research to improve treatments and find a cure for multiple sclerosis. Review the background information below. Then join us in submitting comments to the NIH by May 26. Each comment will be recorded and counted. Your voice matters in this process.

Submit Your Comments here

  • Read the NIH guidelines
  • Review the background, then follow the link above to enter comments or paste this URL into your browser
  • Select Self under Affiliation
  • Use the Suggested Comment Text below and edit as you see fit, then cut and paste into the comment form 
  • Or submit comments in the format provided
  • Provide the Security Check number on the form
  • Then click the Submit Comments button
  • Encourage your family, friends, and community to submit comments


On March 9, President Obama issued an Executive Order lifting the past administration’s restrictive policy on embryonic stem cell research and instructing the National Institutes of Health to develop guidelines for federal funding of embryonic stem cell research. The NIH has released its draft guidelines at the public has been given the opportunity to submit comments at . The NIH will review the content and volume of comments as it drafts its final framework for federal funding of embryonic stem cell research. 

The National Multiple Sclerosis Society recognizes that this is the time to show your support for advancing science and research to achieve greater progress toward improved treatments and a cure for MS. Join us in taking action by submitting your comments to the NIH by the May 26 filing deadline. Each comment will be recorded and counted. Your voice matters in this process.

The Executive Order was a major step forward, but as with many complex issues, details of the draft guidelines should be changed and/or clarified to ensure the framework created builds on current progress. The Society has been a leader in the fight for an ethical framework for embryonic stem cell research. Please continue your advocacy efforts by helping us ensure the final guidelines allow for this important science to advance as quickly as possible.

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