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Why I don’t do drugs…

Posted Apr 18 2012 3:00am

Now on to the number 1 question I get asked all the time. “Why don’t you take the drugs, Marie”?

Well, let me explain. But first! Please know that what follows here is only my humble opinion, so by all means PLEASE do make up your own mind and figure out what might work best for you in your particular situation.

In no way do I mean to suggest that the recommended meds for M.S. are of no use, period. In my case, I feel they are unnecessary and would do more harm than good. And since you’re asking (aren’t you?) here’s how I see it….

It’s my feeling that the medical system is very limited.  The reality is, any medical system is. Now before you jump down my throat and accuse me of being some hippy-dippy, woo woo loving freak, let me explain.

I do love our medical system and all of it’s marvelous technological advances in surgery and patching us up when we really need a good fix. However, I also think that it’s really very lousy at ensuring health and dealing with chronic illness and  long term health conditions. 

The real problem with the system as I see it is that our doctors have been trained to see ‘their’ system and ‘their’ methods  as the only, or most effective way to treat an illness, discounting any other medical system that exists on this planet.  Unfortunately, when chronic illnesses such as MS and many other autoimmune disease (for example) present themselves, the technological wonders of 21st century medicine have no answers for us.  The only ‘option’ that is presented to us is long term, often toxic drug therapy with questionable success rates, and a whole host of unpalatable and potentially detrimental side effects. That’s just a bad deal!

I think it’s time to rethink a few things about how we see our health, and the role modern medicine plays in it.

There are a few fundamental tenets of our medical system that I cannot agree with. They say

  1. Symptoms are seen as our body’s false reactions to a normal stimulus
  2. Diet is unrelated to these symptoms (okay, okay this is getting less frequent, though people seem to continue to buy antacids for upset stomachs so I had to put it in here)
  3. Drugs can restore health by interrupting the disease process

Here’s what I say:

  1. Symptoms are a warning sign of underlying issues (the body does not make mistakes!) that, provided the right environment, can subside and heal when that issue is addressed and resolved.
  2. We’re asking the wrong questions! Instead of asking what can be done to stop the symptoms from appearing, lets ask what the underlying issue might be and what we might do to eliminate this issue.
  3. We’ve got to start seeing food as more than just it’s nutritional parts! Low calorie, low fat and low salt hasn’t done much to make us healthier, in fact it may have done just the opposite! Think of the low fat fad which resulted in high sugar for example,and to put it plainly food and it’s effect on our health is so much  more complex than that.  Using food in a therapeutic way will help us all stay well and is a safe, effective and generally inexpensive practice.  What you put in your mouth gets converted into the building blocks of your cells, bones and tissues. That’s a big deal.

At the root of a whole bunch of causes is what I think of as the perfect sh*t storm: Bad food, Bad thinking, Bad lifestyle habits , too much stress and toxicity. Read more about that here. So instead of playing the victim, and divorcing the symptoms from the underlying cause let’s look back and examine our lifestyles, habits, food, thoughts and environment and get to the bottom of why we spend more money on health care than any other country in the world, and yet are getting sicker and sicker. Let’s take some responsibility and become an active participant in our health, clean up our own mess and reclaim our power! Your body and your bank account will thank you.

That’s my two cents….for now. I always like to hear from you and read about your experience with your doctor(s) and the way you manage your condition. Drop me a line or leave a comment below. And if you’d like to learn more about how you can learn to control your symptoms without drugs, send me an e mail and ask me about a free health consultation to get you started.



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