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Why do my hands and left foot are in so much pain? I was diagnosed with RA. can that be the cause all this pain?

Posted by Emilio Esteban

My Left hand swells and moving it just causes more pain, there are times that i don't even have grip to hold anything on it.. things just slip out of my hand and fall. I don't notice it until i see it on the floor. I can't move my wrist back and forth, and when I can it only can go so far. the pain radiates from my elbow, for arm all the way to the hand. I get numbness and tingling, needles like pain radiating all over, with sharp pains, but I don't get throbing pains at all.

On my Left foot, when I put my weight on the pain radiates, from the left bottom side of my ankle, to the front top of my foot all the way around to the right side of my foot , to the back. it's always in constant none stop pain!!!.

pain goes also to my toes adn feel numbness, tingling, sharp pains.

What can cause all this pain on my foot and hands.

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Yes,rheumatoid arthritis can very much be the cause of your swelling and pain.This usually happens when the disease is active but when the inflammation subsides the disease is inactive or in remission.Remission can occure spontaneously with treatment and can last weeks,months or years.The cause of rheumatoid arthiritis varies among affected individuals and the period of flares and remission are typical.The pain and aches are more noticable in the morning and after periods of inactivity.
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