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Where Did I Go ~ Journal #2

Posted Feb 05 2012 1:56pm
The last few days have been difficult for me. The anxiety has been out of control. Its been beautiful temperature wise, but gray and gloomy out too. Makes me wonder if Winter has something to do with this craziness, I am going through. For instance, the last 3 days have been gloomy out and I just wanted to stay in bed and hibernate. Today, I woke up at 4:30, kind of dreading another day. Mad that I couldnt sleep. I made the coffee and watched as it went from darkness to light outside. I peeked through the blinds to see gray skies, yet again...In an instant, around 9:00, the skies opened up and bright sunlight is shining down. Instantly, without realizing it, I am staring at my bed. Not thinking about climbing back in... I start tearing the sheets off and throw them in the wash, while in the kitchen I decide to start cleaning the counters and picking up all the clutter. I walk back into my bedroom and throw down the yoga mat and start exercising and doing yoga stretches. Whoa, what is going on with me? I get back to cleaning and writing a list out of things I need to do and get from the store. I am still going strong!! Just wanted to stop and process what is going on today? Is it the Sun, is it a fluke, is it that I am sick of laying in bed and hiding in my room? I have no idea! I guess I dont have to have the answer, I just need to enjoy it while it lasts. Happy Superbowl Sunday and hope you are enjoying Your Day!
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