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Wheelchair Follies

Posted Mar 16 2014 4:07pm

I guess it’s true that you learn something new every day. I thought it would be relatively easy to acquire a new wheelchair. What was I thinking?

160743 The chair I drive now is a Karma S-Ergo 125 , which I bought sight unseen from some internet store.
It’s been a faithful companion, coming with me to Florida, New York, and as far as Montreux, Switzerland. But it drives like a tank, little better than one of those big black hospital transport chairs. So I decided it was time for a new one. To an able-body, this might sound a little odd, but I have been lusting after a RoughRider , rr_3_corner which will not be available until maybe July. Not wanting to miss the first half of the spring/summer (which can be all too short here in Maine), I decided I’d pick up another chair at my local wheelchair store, Black Bear Medical . How hard can it be – roll in, hand over my insurance card, and roll out. Not so fast. The one Black Bear had to offer (the Ki Catalyst 5 ) needed to be custom ordered to “contour to my contours,” and would likely not be ready for a few weeks. Ki-Mobility-Catalyst-5_large I had really wanted a new chair for my annual trip to Florida (next week!), but as it turns out, I’ll be hauling my ass around in my old warhorse. I will rent some sort of scooter while I am there, but I was so set on a new chair – it is disappointing to find it just out of my reach.

And then, just to torture myself further, I went into my folder of saved links to groovy and/or innovative wheelchairs I’ve found over the years. I never would have guessed that I’d ever look at a wheelchair and think, “That is SO cool!” But, herewith, a gallery. (Click on the images to learn more.)

45deg Boma G_1g
AIRPTMBDY18_400 aeroxfixed

These are likely NOT acceptable to Medicare, and with their price tags, I doubt any of them will live in my garage. But if I have to be in a wheelchair, at least I can dream.

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