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What the Myelin Repair Foundation Means To Multiple Sclerosis Dreams, Inc.

Posted May 20 2010 8:00am

Multiple Sclerosis Dreams, Inc. is a recently formed nonprofit that will make dreams come true for people with Multiple Sclerosis.  My name is David M. Serotko ; I am the founder of the organization and was diagnosed with MS myself in September of 2006. After being diagnosed I went through many stages but always tried to keep a positive outlook. I always feel that in some way having MS has made me a better person and prepared me for the future. Many of us who suffer from MS have wants and dreams that we have just been unable to obtain. The reason I started MS Dreams is that I feel no one should be robbed of their dream because of multiple sclerosis.
We feel sending someone on a dream vacation, providing them with a power wheelchair or scooter, making their home handicap accessible, helping them meet their favorite celebrity, or really anything that may make their lives easier, less stressful, or simply give them something to focus on besides their condition, will greatly improve their well being. We hope to make a dream come true before the end of the year and really raise awareness for our organization nationwide. I really felt that there was a need for this in the MS community and many could benefit from what we could offer.

We started our journey in November 2009 but the idea really took off in March 2010. Our goal was to file for 501(c)(3) status by June 1st and we were able to do so by the first week of April. Our goals became even more achievable with the help of people along the way. We are currently working on some huge fund raising events and hope to enlist people from other states to help us get the word out and assist with external events. I met with David Williams , the CEO of the Make A Wish Foundation in Phoenix, AZ, in April and learned a lot about how to make our organization successful. Who better to learn from than an organization who grants wishes for children all over the country and beyond? I met with several senior staff members of the foundation and their advice was priceless. When I received an email from Helen Solinski at the Myelin Repair Foundation I was thrilled! For a new nonprofit based in Cortland, Ohio to be recognized by a foundation in California in and of itself was huge. I then went to their website and my jaw dropped. I had never realized that there was an organization so committed to MS research and myelin related conditions. It was such a great feeling to know that an organization like this existed and it was unbelievable what they had accomplished in the last 5 years. It was also incredibly inspiring to learn that the CEO, and other employees at their organization, live everyday with Multiple Sclerosis as well. After speaking with Helen on the phone, it was clear that we had a lot in common. It was also nice to know that our organizations, although they have different goals, could benefit each other and all of those who suffer from MS.

We hope to begin sharing some of the news and blog posts from the Myelin Repair Foundation on our website and we are looking forward to building a close relationship with them in the future. If we can spread the word about our organizations and together raise awareness for MS, we can only move closer to an effective treatment, ultimately a cure, as well as help those with needs in the mean time.

So my question for everyone reading this who suffers from MS or knows someone who suffers from MS, is simply this: What is your dream? What is something you have always wanted to do? Who is someone you have always wanted to meet? What is something you need and could make a difference in your life? We would love to hear your feedback and comments!

Thank you Myelin Repair Foundation for helping us in our mission and we hope that everyone will visit our website to help us spread the word by following us on Facebook and Twitter !

Multiple Sclerosis Dreams, Inc.

About the Author:

David Serotko is the founder of Multiple Sclerosis Dreams, Inc., a foundation with a goal of giving people with Multiple Sclerosis the opportunity to fulfill a dream or wish that they might have. MS Dreams was founded when David was diagnosed with MS in 2006. He wants to reach out to people with the same disease that he has by spreading the word about MS and finding a way to make their lives better in any way possible.

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